Welcome to Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace is an online, on-demand radio station offering curated, but fluid, listening opportunities. Use the preset options below to learn more and listen. By far, the most popular program is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Radio Nouspace offers all episodes. Other Old Time Radio and contemporary radio listening opportunities are available as well. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy.

What is Radio Nouspace?


Radio Nouspace is a virtual listening gallery for radio and audio drama, radio and sound art, and other sound-based narrative works. Learn more.

Why Radio Nouspace?


Radio Nouspace experiments with the curation and reception of works of sound and radio art in virtual and networked exhibition spaces. Learn more.

Program directory


Radio Nouspace programs provide background and historical information, and listen on demand opportunities. Learn more.

Why is Radio Nouspace valuable?

So What?

Radio Nouspace investigates ephemeral sounds as closely connected with communication, creative endeavor, literacy, and social justice. Learn more.

Who curates Radio Nouspace?


Radio Nouspace is a creative, practice-based experiment in online, virtual curation undertaken and maintained by John Barber. Learn more.

Outcomes from Radio Nouspace


Radio Nouspace has many outcomes: an international exhibition, several publications, presentations, and more. Learn more.