The Comic Weekly Man

Dramatic readings of the Sunday comics.


The Comic Weekly Man (1947-1954) was a weekly OTR dramatic program that voiced the Sunday comics, with music and sound effects, turning them into performative skits and dramatic readings featuring a cast of comic heroes and villains as never heard before. Radio actor Lon Clark voiced all the male parts.



Total Episodes: 396
Surviving Episodes: 123

First Three Surviving Episodes

The first 171 episodes, 27 April 1947-30 July 1950 are not available.

Very Hot
Episode 172, 6 August 1950
First comic=Snookums

Man With Bread in His Mouth
Episode 173, 13 August 1950
First comic=Snookums

Anxious about Flash Gordon
Episode 174, 20 August 1950
First comic=Snookums


Broadcast 27 April 1947-21 November 1954 on the Mutual Broadcasting Network.

Each episode of The Comic Weekly Man began with Lon Clark, the host, singing the jaunty theme song . . .
"I'm The Comic Weekly Man, the jolly Comic Weekly Man and I'm here to read the funnies to you happy boys and honeys."

After singing, Clark turned to The Comic Weekly, a four color, tabloid-sized supplement to the Sunday newspapers owned by William Randolph Hearst, and provided dramatic readings, often with music and sound effects, turning the Sunday comics into skits and performances by a cast of comic heroes and villains as never heard before. Young and old followed along, newspaper in hand, enjoying this OTR dramatic program.

Radio actor Lon Clark voiced all the male parts. Little Miss Honey, a female assistant, voiced some of the female parts, asked to hear a joke or riddle, and urged Clark to read from different comic strips. Each episode lasted twenty eight minutes. Clark also played the title role in Nick Carter, Master Detective throughout its entire twelve-year run, 11 April 1943-25 September 1955, on the Mutual Broadcasting System.


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