A half-hour of high adventure.


Escape (1947-1954) was an OTR adventure series providing high adventure through adapted classic and contemporary stories and novels in many different genres by well-known writers. Many episodes placed characters in impossible situations from which they had to escape. The cast changed with each episode, and frequently included well known actors. Escape is significant for exposing listeners to a variety of literary experiences and its frequent citation as the finest OTR adventure series ever broadcast .



Total Episodes: 228 (230 counting the two auditions; 237 counting East Coast versions of seven shows)
Surviving Episodes: perhaps 227 (several episodes redone for Suspense)

Exemplary Episodes

Earth Abides (part 1)
Episode 131, 5 November 1950
Adapted from the novel by George Stewart.

Earth Abides (part 2)
Episode 132, 12 November 1950
Adapted from the novel by George Stewart.

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
Episode 003, 23 June 1947
by F. Scott Fitzgerald. With Jack Edwards, Jr. Script available here.

Evening Primrose
Episode 013, 5 November 1947
A poet takes shelter in a department store over night and finds night dwellers and horror. With Elliott Lewis. Script available here

Country of the Blind
Episode 016, 26 November 1947
by H.G. Wells. With William Conrad.

Leinengen vs. the Ants
Episode 023, 17 January 1948
Man-eating ants. With William Conrad. Script available here

The Time Machine
Episode 040, 9 May 1948
By H.G. Wells. With Jeff Corey. Script available here

Present Tense
Episode 096, 31 January 1950
Explores a condemned man's mind. With Vincent Price.

Three Skeleton Key
Episode 102, 17 March 1950
Three men trapped in a lighthouse overrun by rats. With Vincent Price. Script available here

Episode 121, 28 July 1950
The poison of racial prejudice. With Jack Webb and William Conrad. Script available here

The Abominable Snowman
Episode 200, 13 September 1953
With William Conrad.


7 July 1947-25 September 1954
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
First episode was Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King." The last episode was a science fiction drama, "Heart of Kali."

The Columbia Broadcast System (CBS) first considered an adventure series to be called Out of This World. The audition, with the same title, was broadcast 28 February 1947, but the proposed series never materialized.

A second audition was broadcast 24 March 1947. Based on "The Ventriloquist's Dummy" in the British horror anthology movie Dead of Night (1945), this episode was titled "Dead of Night." With this episode, the Escape! series was launched.

Each episode began with a distintive opening narrative.
Tired of the every day grind?
Ever dream of a life of . . . romantic adventure?
Want to get away for it all?
We offer you—ESCAPE!
Escape! Designed to free you from the four walls of today for a half-hour of high adventure!


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