I Love A Mystery

No job too tough. No adventure too baffling.

I Love A Mystery

I Love A Mystery (1939-1952) was a weekly OTR adventure serial about three friends who form a detective agency after World War II, mostly as an excuse to continue the lives they enjoyed as solders of fortune. They travel the world looking for adventure and excitement, both of which they found aplenty. Episodes straddled the borders between mystery, horror, humor, supernatural, and mysticism. I Love A Mystery is significant because stories were told in a continuous narrative arc, usually in 15-20 weekly episodes, with individual episodes (chapters) seamlessly flowing one to another.



Total Episodes: 1,777 (alleged)
Surviving Episodes: 100 (approximate)
Three complete stories survive: "The Thing That Cried in the Night," "Bury Your Dead, Arizona," and "Fear That Creeps Like a Cat"
Inventory of episodes

Exemplary Episodes

But Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have
Episode 00a, Series Audition, 21 May 1945


16 January 1939-26 December 1952
Fifteen or thirty minute episodes
National Broadcast Corporation (NBC), Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS), and Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS)

I Love a Mystery was a unique weekly action-adventure series with stories told in a continuous narrative arc, individual episodes (chapters) seamlessly flowing one to another. Each story was usually concluded over fifteen to twenty episodes. Then a new story began.

Each episode was written by Carlton E. Morse, noted for his successful radio drama One Man's Family. Often, Morse's scripts are over the top, but this adds to the appeal of the series, which is often called the best OTR action-adventure series ever.

Recurring cast included
Jack Packard (Russell Thorson)
Doc Long (Jim Bales)
Reggie Yorke (Tony Randall)
Jeri Booker (Athena Lord)
Multiple female roles (Mercedes McCambridge)
Writer, producer, director (Carlton E. Morse)
Organist (Rex Koury)

Jack Packard, Doc Long, and Reggie Yorke met during the war between China and Japan fighting as mercenary soldiers for China. After the war they formed the A-1 Detective Agency in San Francisco, California. Their motto: "No job too tough, no adventure too baffling."

Jack is edgy, possibly hiding from problems with women in his youth. Doc is a boastful, hard-fighting, high-spirited character from Texas who loves women and gambling at poker. Reggie, an Englishman of great strength, prim and proper, also shies away from women, but can be depended on when the fighting starts. Their strengths make them heroes, their failings make them humans.

Valse Triste by Jean Sibelius was the program's theme music. During the Mutual Broadcasting System years, each episode began with the sound of a train approaching a crossing, sounding its whistle.


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