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Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine (1983-1993) documented and promoted New York experimental art, music, poetry, and drama. Each "issue" was an audio cassette tape, available only by subscription.



Total episodes: 27
Surviving episodes: 27

Exemplary Episodes

Bird Calls
Episode 05-66, 1984
Louise Lawler
Special Double Audio Visual issue

Episode 08, 1985
Christian Marclay
USA/Germany issue

The Bridge
Episode 10, 1985
Lee Ranaldo
All Guitars! issue

Episode 11, 1985
Barrett Golding
The Sound of Radio issue
Golding's voiceover provides introductions to various sounds one might hear in a large city. An early 8-bit videogame-like soundtrack, this pop-infused soundscape ties the several sound samples together and seems to imply progression through the aurally imagined aspects of the city.

Nivea Cream Piece
Episode 24, 1990
Allson Knowles
FluxTellus issue
As performed, the first performer comes on stage with a jar of Nivea cream. The performer massages hands in front of the microphone. Other performers enter one at the time. They make a mass of massaging hands and leave one at a time following the first performer.


Each episode of the magazine was a cassette tape, available only by subscription.
Contents of each issue well focused, researched, and curated.


Mailed subscriptions

Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine used the popular audio cassette media to document and promote the New York downtown experimental music, audio art, poetry, drama, and performance in lofts, basements, etc. as opposed to the more conventional and established uptown venues. Each biomonthly issue was available only by subscription. The contents of each issue were tightly focused, well researched, and aptly curated. They illustrate how sound might create and carry narrative.


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Tellus cassettography at the Ubuweb website.

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