Terry and the Pirates



Total episodes: 169
Surviving episodes: 168


1 November 1937 - 1 June 1938
3 times weekly, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Fifteen minute episodes

26 November 1938 - 22 March 1939
3 times weekly, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Fifteen minute episodes

16 October 1941 - 29 May 1942
5 times weekly on WGN Chicago, Illinois
Fifteen minute episodes

1 February 1943 - 30 June 1948
5 times weekly, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Fifteen minute episodes

Episode Inventory

Episodes at Old Time Radio Researchers Group Library

  • Terry, Connie, and Pat
    Episode 031, 17 November 1941
    The earliest known episode. Terry Lee, Pat Ryan, April Kane, Burma, Dude Hennick, and Connie-the-Coolie are locked in upstairs rooms of a brick building in Wu Tong, China, hideout of the Dragon Lady. They went to this mountain village to recover a radio transmitter stolen from them in Singapore but were captured. April has a "Terryscope," a type of periscope devised by Terry.
  • Big Stoop To the Rescue
    Episode 032, 18 November 1941
    Big Stoop, the Chinese servant, releases Terry and Pat. The others remain locked up. Pat knocks out Lawyer Spur and Mr. Keel when they try to break into the building looking for the radio transmitter, which is missing. Big Stoop gives Mr. Keel a severe shaking as Pat tries to convince Keel to tell where the radio transmitter is hidden.
  • Radio Device Missing
    Episode 033, 19 November 1941
    Terry and his friends are in the Dragon Lady's hideout in the Chinese mountains. While using the "Terryscope" to see around corners, Mr. Keel is taken prisoner.
  • Cabinets Have Been Switched
    Episode 034, 20 November 1941
    Terry and Pat try to make a deal with the Dragon Lady. The valuable radio transmitter has disappeared again. Somebody switched the cabinet.
  • Escape in Progress
    Episode 035, 21 November 1941
    The radio his recovered, now, how will Terry and Pat escape? Underneath a pile of hay!
  • Enemy Overpowered
    Episode 036, 24 November 1941
    Terry uses the "Terryscope" to peek out from under the hay and spots Mr. Keel. Pat Ryan says, "I don't feel safe yet!"
  • General Chang Held
    Episode 037, 25 November 1941
    Terry and Pat Ryan are headed toward Chungking, with the secret radio transmitter. Burma is threatened by General Chang, but she has the drop on him. Is Chang really working for the Dragon Lady?
  • Approaching Room with Caution
    Episode 038, 26 November 1941
    Terry uses his Terryscope to spy on Burma and General Chang. He seems to be working for the Dragon lady! This is the time for action!
  • General Chang Is Impostor
    Episode 039, 27 November 1941
    Terry and Dude break into April's room and knock out the phoney "General Chang."
  • Radio Turned over to General Chang
    Episode 040, 28 November 1941
    Dude is flying Terry and his friends, as well as the secret radio transmitter, to the secret mountain headquarters of the Chinese army. When they land, they meet the real General Chang. Dude's airplane is destroyed during "the invader's" (Japanese) bombing raid. Terry plans to make the cold journey to Ming Chow.
  • Snowbound: Search for Help
    Episode 041, 1 December 1941
    Dude is asked to deliver secret papers to Dr. Moy Ben when he arrives at Ming Chow. A severe storm strikes while they are enroute and the truck becomes stuck in the snow. Pat and Terry start out for help.
  • Searching for Help
    Episode 042, 2 December 1941
    The terrible snow storm continues. Pat and Terry try to make their way through the snow.
  • Driver Panics
    Episode 043, 3 December 1941
    April sings to keep up spirits within the truck. The Chinese driver panics and runs from the truck and into the snow after the lights go out and the motor stops.
  • Fighting for Horses
    Episode 044, 4 December 1941
    Terry and Pat arrive at Ming Chow during the blizzard. They find Dr. Minton and his wife. Pat goes to see Hi De Ho and get horses to help his friends back in the truck. Hi De Ho refuses to help and whips Pat! After a fist fight, Pat gets the horses.
  • Volunteer Driver
    Episode 045, 5 December 1941
    Pat and Dr. Minton take Hi De Ho's sled and head back to the truck. They meet Hi De Ho on the way, who offers to take Terry and Pat to Dr. Moy Ben.
  • Meeting Kennington Hook
    Episode 046, 8 December 1941
    The journey continues to Ming Chow. There are suspicions about Kennington Hook, the assistant to Dr. Moy Ben. Pat hides the secret formula behind a log in their room.
  • Doctor Missing
    Episode 047, 9 December 1941
    Pat decides that there is some funny business going on in Ming Chow. There is no trace of Dr. Moy Ben. He was last seen heading for a cabin.
  • Footprints Seen
    Episode 048, 10 December 1941
    Mr. Hook reappears, he has not seen Dr. Moy Ben either. Mr. Nemero hears voices, and footprints are discovered. A shot rings out!
  • Doctor's Glove Found
    Episode 049, 11 December 1941
    Pat and Nemero, the mountain man, are shot at. Kennington Hook claims to have had a "nasty fall." He says that he lost his rifle. Terry and Burma find a woolen glove while getting a Christmas tree.
  • Gas Demonstrated
    Episode 050, 12 December 1941
    Kennington Hook reveals that "Moy Ben Gas" can cause steel to crumble like ashes. He wants the hidden secret formula and tries to talk Terry into getting it for him.
  • Formula Papers Stolen
    Episode 051, 15 December 1941
    Dude discovers that Terry has removed the secret formula papers from the hiding place behind the log. Terry is slugged from behind and the envelope is taken. Kennington Hook is responsible.
  • Formula Papers Recovered
    Episode 052, 16 December 1941
    Who is the midnight visitor? One of Hook's men has entered the cabin and is using the typewriter! He is making a copy of the gas formula.
  • Imprisoned in Gas Chamber
    Episode 053, 17 December 1941
    Kennington Hook is discovered to be a crook and plans to attack Terry's friends. Terry still does not realize that Hook is a bad guy and does not know his friends are imprisoned in a gas chamber.
  • Hook Asks Burma for Help
    Episode 054, 18 December 1941
    Pat, Dude and Connie are still locked inside the gas chamber, but are rescued. Kennington Hook escapes and visits Burma, not knowing that Dude is hiding in the cabin.
  • Hook Captured
    Episode 055, 19 December 1941
    Dude and Kennington Hook fight it out while Burma holds the gun. Burma finally realizes that she was falling for a bad guy.
  • Doctor Found
    Episode 56, 22 December 1941
    April and Connie find the cabin of Nim Ru. Is the unconscious old man with him Dr. Moy Ben?
  • Poison Gas Explosion
    Episode 057, 23 December 1941
    The tank of Moy Ben explodes, sending the gas heading toward the town of Ming Chow. Terry and Pat bury their knife and gun to keep them safe.
  • Gas Destroys Steel
    Episode 058, 24 December 1941
    April and Connie leave to bring back Dr. Moy Ben. Terry and Pat Ryan return from Ming Chow, Kennington Hook is locked in a room. It is time to trim the tree and think of gifts.
  • Christmas Presents Exchanged
    Episode 059, 25 December 1941
    The Dragon Lady returns on Christmas day, with a gun! She demands the release of Kennington Hook and wants the gas formula papers. The parrot has talked! Terry and April plan to sabotage the Dragon Lady's airplane. Terry and his friends wish their listeners a Merry Christmas from China.
  • Secret Formula Safe
    Episode 060, 26 December 1941
    The Dragon Lady, Mr. Keel and Kennington Hook leave with the formula for Moy Ben gas . . . or have they? A blessing from Dr. Moy Ben and the end of the adventure.
  • To Take Pictures of Burma Road
    Episode 061, 29 December 1941
    Terry and his friends accept a new assignment from a newsreel company. An unknown plane drops a load of bombs, but misses. It was sent by the Dragon Lady!
  • To Be Nurses on Burma Road
    Episode 062, 30 December 1941
    Terry and his friends are flying over the Burma Road, along with twenty other aircraft. Will they attack?
  • Terry's Double Seen
    Episode 063, 31 December 1941
    The other planes are flown by "The Invader" (the Japanese), but the plane that lands is piloted by a man who looks exactly like Terry!
  • Mrs. Finch Is Mother of Burma Road
    Episode 064, 1 January 1942
    "The Mother of The Burma Road" is an American lad from Illinois, taking care of Chinese orphans. "January First" is a bigger surprise than expected.
  • Discussing Note from Dragon Lady
    Episode 065, 2 January 1942
    Mrs. Finch tells Terry and his friends about Captain Blaze. Is she a secret agent of the Chinese army? The injured pilot may be working for the Dragon Lady.
  • Identity Switch Suggested
    Episode 066, 5 January 1942
    A plan develops to have Terry take the place of the wounded pilot, in order to capture Captain Blaze.
  • Impersonation Event
    Episode 067, 6 January 1942
    April chats with Terry's look-alike. Or does she? General Chang warns Terry to beware of the daughter of Captain Blaze.
  • April Forced To Join Pat and Terry
    Episode 068, 7 January 1942
    Pat, April, and Terry are on foot and lost, somewhere along the Burma Road.
  • Food Drugged
    Episode 069, 8 January 1942
    Terry and his friends come upon the headquarters of Captain Blaze. Why is everyone suddenly so sleepy?
  • Meeting Captain Blaze
    Episode 070, 9 January 1942
    Is Captain Blaze working for "The Invaders?" Terry and his friends are not prisoners or are they? The Dragon Lady is expected shortly!
  • Cheery Blaze Fooled
    Episode 071, 10 January 1942
    During a dart game, April almost gives away Terry's identity. Captain Blaze's daughter, Cheery Blaze confirms that Terry is really Johnny Somber, despite his not having the right accent. She is a wildcat!
  • Cheery Blaze Told Truth
    Episode 072, 13 January 1942
    The Dragon Lady has arrived. Terry confesses to Cheery Blaze that he is not really Johnny Somber. Cheery has her own plans. Were they overheard?
  • Pat Captures Dragon Lady
    Episode 073, 14 January 1942
    The Dragon Lady and Terry both make their cases before Captain Blaze. Pat pulls a gun and takes over. Cheery Blaze helps.
  • Captain Blaze and Dragon Lady Plot Escape
    Episode 074, 15 January 1942
    April is to be held as a hostage and taken to Sing-Sing. Captain Blaze sends Cue Ball to kidnap April, but the Dragon Lady accuses Blaze of "having the brains of a lichee nut."
  • Kidnapping Mixup
    Episode 075, 16 January 1942
    April is kidnapped, a prisoner of the Dragon Lady, or is she? It is Cheery Blaze that was taken! What will Captain Blaze do?
  • Rescuing Cheery from Sing-Sing
    Episode 076, 19 January 1942
    Captain Blaze and Pat rescue Cheery Blaze. Pat swings and knocks down Sing-Sing.
  • Terry Finds a Transmitter
    Episode 077, 20 January 1942
    The Dragon Lady is a prisoner. Sing-Sing is expected to attack at any moment. Connie has an idea on how to send a message to Lashio. It is a carrier pigeon!
  • Dragon Lady Won't Stop the Attack
    Episode 078, 21 January 1942
    Will the Dragon Lady make a deal? Her face is white and she has no pulse! Pat suspects that she is not dead but in a trance! Her men will attack Captain Blaze's headquarters in the near future.
  • Oil Drums Foil the Attack
    Episode 079, 22 January 1942
    Empty metal oil kegs are used to fight off the enemy. Pat and Cheery Blaze disappear, and so does the Dragon Lady!
  • Plan To Use Loudspeaker
    Episode 080, 23 January 1942
    The Dragon Lady is still in a trance. There are strange noises coming from the radio room. The Dragon Lady has awakened and is trying to escape.
  • Dragon Lady Tries To Escape
    Episode 081, 26 January 1942
    Captain Blaze joins Terry and his friend against the forces of the Dragon Lady. Pat has a plan to use a loudspeaker to imitate a tiger and scare Sing Sing and his men.
  • Loudspeakers Scare Sing-Sing
    Episode 082, 27 January 1942
    Pat's imitation of a tiger does not fool Sing-Sing. The Dragon Lady captures Pat, Captain Blaze, and April. She plans to execute them at dawn.
  • Firing Squad for Three Men
    Episode 083, 28 January 1942
    AKA "Hold Back The Dawn." The execution is planned for sunrise. The Dragon Lady sets up a firing squad. Three rifle shots are heard and three men slump to the ground. Connie saves their lives with a clever trick.
  • Truck Crashes in River
    Episode 084, 29 January 1942
    Connie's trick explained. Has the carrier pigeon gotten through? Connie, Terry, Pat and Captain Blaze plan to become night raiders.
  • Under the Waterfall
    Episode 085, 30 January 1942
    Terry suggests the use of a "Terryscope" to help them against the Dragon Lady's men. He proceeds to build one. Eight strangers on horseback are approaching. It is Sing-Sing and Cheery Blaze, heading toward the secret hideout.
  • Cheery Takes Sing-Sing To Hideout
    Episode 086, 2 February 1942
    Terry secretly tells Cheery Blaze to unload the rifles of Sing-Sing's men. Pat and Captain Blaze use a Terryscope to spring their trap.
  • Sing-Sing Captured at Hideout
    Episode 087, 3 February 1942
    Sing-Sing and his men are overpowered and locked up, thanks to the Terryscope. Captain Blaze, Pat, and Terry plan to recapture Captain Blaze's compound and surprise the Dragon Lady.
  • Down the Cliff on a Rope
    Episode 088, 4 February 1942
    Terry and Pat plan to slide down a rope onto the roof of Captain Blaze's cabin. The Terryscope comes in handy when they are on the roof.
  • Burma Goes Up the Cliff
    Episode 089, 5 February 1942
    Terry and Pat sneak into Captain Blaze's cabin to rescue April Kane. The Terryscope comes in very handy.
  • Dragon Lady Goes Up the Cliff
    Episode 090, 6 February 1942
    Terry tells the Dragon Lady and Chin that the Dragon Lady may vanish at any moment. Using the Terryscope, Pat uses a noose to capture the Dragon Lady and make her disappear.
  • Pat Shoots Out the Searchlight
    Episode 091, 9 February 1942
    The Dragon Lady's men are frightened away. Terry and Pat use a strong light and Morse code to signal to their friends atop the cliff. Burma comes down the rope.
  • Single File on the Ledge
    Episode 092, 10 February 1942
    Captain Blaze arrives with Cheery and April, but where is the Dragon Lady? After the story, Pat and Terry speak from "China" directly to listeners. They announce the availability of your very own Terryscope!
  • Captain Blaze Considers His Fate
    Episode 093, 11 February 1942
    The Dragon Lady escapes. April spots the Dragon Lady with her Terryscope, saving Terry's life when a shot rings out!
  • Making a Smokescreen
    Episode 094, 12 February 1942
    General Chang plans to execute Captain Blaze, who says nothing in his defense as soon at Pat arrives.
  • Dude Hennick Saves Captain Blaze
    Episode 095, 13 February 1942
    Dude convinces General Chang not to execute Captain Blaze. April has a swell idea. The end of an adventure.
  • Orphanage on Fire
    Episode 096, 16 February 1942
    The start of a new adventure. Terry and his friends return to Lashio. A fire burns down the orphanage, but all the children are safe. Where is Mrs. Finch? Burma takes control. Pat's philosophy is, "The one thing you know about a woman is . . . you don't know anything!"
  • Mrs. Finch Tells Why Fire Started
    Episode 097, 17 February 1942
    The Terryscope reveals a thief in the night. His name is Han. Burma slugs him, but he escapes. Han is hungry, and hungry men are big trouble.
  • Han Kidnaps April
    Episode 098, 18 February 1942
    Han and his men kidnap April, demanding food.
  • Big Stoop Helps Save April
    Episode 099, 19 February 1942
    April is rescued with the Terryscope. Han and his men attack. Burma plans to take the orphans aboard Daisy Belle, a river steamer.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 100, 20 February 1942, not available
  • Terry Pilots Daisy Belle
    Episode 102, 24 February 1942
    Aboard the river steamer Daisy Belle with the orphans, a plane approaches. Pat plans to make a cross out of biscuit tins filled with hot coals, so the plane's pilot will not attack.
  • Jap Soldiers Approach the Boat
    Episode 103, 25 February 1942
    Aboard the Daisy Bell, the Terryscope spots a boat with four men in uniform approaching. They are "The Invaders"(the Japanese)! Pat suggests they pretend to be infected with cholera.
  • From Irawaddy to Hanoi
    Episode 108, 4 March 1942
    Terry and his friends fly in a mail plane, on their way to French Indochina. What is all that freight on the plane, and who is the sleeping passenger? It is the man with the scar on his jaw and he is working for Baron Duplexus!
  • Hanoi Train Station
    Episode 109, 5 March 1942
    At the railroad station in Hanoi, Scarface catches Terry and Pat snooping around the packing cases filled with "farm implements" and heading for the Duplexus Plantation. Pat claims to be a "Special Nationality Inspector!"
  • Pat Tells Slugger's Past
    Episode 110, 6 March 1942
    Aboard the train en route to Lao Kai, Terry discovers that Slugger Dunn (Scarface) is shipping airplane parts to his plantation for "The Invaders." What is the secret of Dylan Kane's disappearance?
  • Slugger Delivers Crates to Baron
    Episode 111, 9 March 1942
    Who is Madame Sood, the owner of a hotel in Lao Kai. What is there about Madame Sood that is so familiar? A rock is thrown through the window and there is a message wrapped around it! It says, "For your own safety, leave Lao Kai immediately."
  • Exploring Duplexus Plantation
    Episode 112, 10 March 1942
    Pat and Terry are inspecting an ancient temple, when Pat screams and disappears! Terry falls through the same hole into a small, dark room. What is Baron Duplexus up to?
  • April Arrives in Ioa Chi
    Episode 113, 11 March 1942
    April Kane arrives in Lao Kai, along with Connie and Big Stoop. Terry and Pat try to find their way out of the temple. They come upon a metal case with the initials, "D. K." Could it be Dylan Kane's? "We are not alone after all!" Who is behind that door?
  • Dillon Kane Found
    Episode 114, 12 March 1942
    The man behind the door in the temple basement turns out to be Dylan Kane! The mysterious jailer lowers food down to Kane on a rope.
  • Message to Yellow-Haired Kid
    Episode 115, 13 March 1942
    Baron Duplexus and Slugger Dunn have an argument. The Baron informs Slugger that his services are no longer required. Slugger has his own plans to get at the gold.
  • Escape from Temple
    Episode 116, 16 March 1942
    Baron Duplexus is aware that someone has entered the plantation. The Baron's plane is arriving, with passengers and the gold.
  • Using a Net to Catch Sonjack
    Episode 121, 23 March 1942
    Pat and Terry are expecting Sonjack. A boat arrives with a message for Pat. "It was rather a good idea, but men are so easily fooled. I had no trouble disguising my motor boat as a native junk, covering the propeller and drifting over your nets in the darkness." The note is signed by Sonjack. She is on her way down stream with April!
  • Sonjack Holds April on an Island
    Episode 122, 24 March 1942
    April is out of her trance, and a prisoner of Sonjack. Since she is a "guest" on Sonjack's island, April plays along.
  • Baron and Slugger in Yankuk
    Episode 123, 25 March 1942
    Sonjack is holding April prisoner. Slugger Dunn and Baron Duplexus try to find Sonjack and a fortune in gold. What about that island in the bay?
  • Following Baron and Slugger to Island
    Episode 124, 26 March 1942
    Pat and Terry approach the island, as does Baron Duplexus. They arrive on the island in pitch darkness.
  • Baron and Slugger Surprise Sonjack
    Episode 125, 27 March 1942
    On Sonjack's island, Slugger Dunn and Baron Duplexus capture April but Sonjack escapes. April is still in a trance.
  • Sonjack's Island Burns
    Episode 126, 30 March 1942
    Pat is shot in the shoulder by Baron Duplexus as he and Terry rescue April. While the island burns, everyone escapes in a leaky boat. Sonjack escapes with the gold.
  • Rescued from River
    Episode 127, 31 March 1942
    Everyone is rescued from the sinking boat, thanks to Connie, and is aboard a freighter. Is Slugger Dunn wanted by the San Francisco police? Where is Baron Duplexus?
  • Meeting Smythe-Heatherstone at Dock
    Episode 128, 1 April 1942
    Mr. Smyth-Heatherstone owns the freighter and invites Terry and his friends to be his guest at his hotel. Slugger Dunn is wearing a sailor suit. Was that the Dragon Lady driving by in her car?
  • Terry Nurses Wounded Dragon Lady
    Episode 129, 2 April 1942
    The Dragon Lady is shot and asks Terry for help! Somebody is trying to kill her. Baron Duplexus is gunning for the Dragon Lady! She has given up her career as China's most notorious bandit and may be working for the Chinese government!
  • Dragon Lady Is Secret Agent
    Episode 130, 3 April 1942
    Slugger Dunn tracks down Terry and finds the Dragon Lady as well. The Dragon Lady meets with Pat tonight.
  • April Will Sing In A Show
    Episode 131, 6 April 1942
    In Yangkuk, April asks the magician, Mr. Fu Ling, to help Big Stoop. Fu Ling offers to show Big Stoop the "Rainbow Stick."
  • Dragon Lady Comes to Hotel
    Episode 132, 7 April 1942
    Fu Ling shows April how the "Rainbow Stick" can write in four colors.
  • April and Fu Ling Kidnapped
    Episode 133, 8 April 1942
    While heading to the hotel, April and the magician Fu Ling disappear while traveling through a dark alley. Big Stoop uses the "Rainbow Stick" to tell Pat and Terry that, "April gone, Fu Ling gone."
  • Investigating Kidnapping Scene
    Episode 134, 9 April 1942
    Did Fu Ling leave a trail of scraps of paper to lead Terry and Pat to rescue him? Fortunately, he used the "Rainbow Stick" pencil! Hoo She helps in the search. Was the Dragon Lady responsible?
  • Slugger Uses Rainbow Stick
    Episode 135, 10 April 1942
    Slugger Dunn has Big Stoop's "Rainbow Stick" pencil. Pat wants a pencil just like it and so would Terry! A note from the Dragon Lady says that neither April nor Fu Ling will show up at the benefit performance tonight but that she will!
  • Mind Reading Act
    Episode 139, 16 April 1942
    The Dragon Lady escapes again. Dr. Fu Ling is aboard a boat, ten miles up the river. Pat and Terry set out in an ox-cart to meet the retired magician.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 140, 17 April 1942
  • Jiggers Wants To Capture Pat
    Episode 141, 20 April 1942
  • Pat and Terry Captured
    Episode 142, 21 April 1942
  • Rescued by Slugger Dunne
    Episode 143, 22 April 1942
  • Smiley Knocked Out
    Episode 144, 23 April 1942
  • Pat To Lead Chinese Commandos
    Episode 145, 24 April 1942
  • Capturing Invader Vehicle
    Episode 146, 27 April 1942
  • Pat Addresses His Troops
    Episode 147, 28 April 1942
  • Dude Teaches Terry To Spot Planes
    Episode 148, 29 April 1942
  • Searching for Fu Ling
    Episode 149, 30 April 1942
  • Rescuing Fu Ling
    Episode 150, 1 May 1942
  • Dude Leaves with Fu Ling
    Episode 151, 4 May 1942
  • Terry Invents Plane-Spotting Card
    Episode 152, 5 May 1942
  • Plane Spotting Contest
    Episode 153, 6 May 1942
  • Japs Plan A Trap
    Episode 154, 7 May 1942
  • Japs Use Pat and Terry As Bait
    Episode 155, 8 May 1942
  • Dude and Terry Fly To Yankuk
    Episode 156, 11 May 1942
  • Dude and Terry Are Captured
    Episode 157, 12 May 1942
  • Klang Will Use Dude's Plane
    Episode 158, 13 May 1942
  • Plane Shot Down
    Episode 159, 14 May 1942
  • Dude and Terry Escape from Klang
    Episode 160, 15 May 1942
  • April Teaches Slugger Plane Spotting
    Episode 161, 18 May 1942
  • Escaping from Yankuk
    Episode 162, 19 May 1942
  • Jap Patrol Boards Junk
    Episode 163, 20 May 1942
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 164, 21 May 1942
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 165, 22 May 1942
  • Driving Invader Tank
    Episode 166, 25 May 1942
  • Enemy Marching Across Bridge
    Episode 167, 26 May 1942
  • Bridge Collapses
    Episode 168, 27 May 1942
  • Planes Heard Overhead
    Episode 169, 28 May 1942
  • Pat Appointed Colonel
    Episode 170, 29 May 1942
    Last show of the season. Returns 1 February 1943. From previous episode (28 May 1942), Terry Lee and Pat Ryan, and their Chinese commandos prepare to defend the Chinese town of Ta Zhen from "The Invader." After defeating "The Invader," Chinese leader, Generalissimo, commissions Pat as colonel of the commandos. Generalissimo asks Burma and April Kane to work with the Red Cross and help the Chinese. Dude Hannick agrees to fly special airplane missions for the Chinese. Terry agrees to make a shortwave radio broadcast to America. He makes a patriotic speech before going on the air.
  • The Deadly Robot Bombs
    Episode **, **
  • The Map
    Episode **, **
  • On Enemy Ground
    Episode **, 6 July 1942
    Terry, Flip, and Pat are hiding on the Yellow River plantation of the Nazi Baron Von Krell.
  • In Calcutta, India
    Episode **, ** 1942
    In Calcutta, India, Terry, Pat, and Flip face intrigue and danger as they work with British Secret Service to capture Captain Fitzronny, a Nazi spy helping the Japanese make robot bombs in nearby Burma. Pat is in the hospital, shot in the leg while trying to break into a spy hideout. Eleta, posing as Austrian Countess Catherine Von Falkenbird, is working for General Leander. He tells her to go to the game room after dinner and perhaps "something pleasant will happen." Will she find Professor Kessel's German diary?
  • The Baron in Disguise
    Episode **, 10 January 1944
    Pat and Terry are selected by British Secret Service to impersonate Nazi officers for "a big show that's going to go to Tokyo."
  • Pat's Disguise Uncovered
    Episode **, 27 January 1944
    Pat and Terry are on their way to Tokyo aboard a Japanese freighter. Pat is disguised as Baron Von Krell(?), Terry is Kurt Schmidt.
  • Real Baron Is Alive
    Episode **, 3 February 1944
    Terry and Pat approach the shore of Japan, dressed in Nazi uniforms! Help is on the way.
  • The Search for Abner Kane
    Episode **, 27 September 1944
    Terry and his friends are in Bombay, on the trail of Abner Kane, a Nazi agent. The mysterious Mr. Oopzooma follows Eleta and April through the streets of Bombay.
  • Air Attack
    Episode **, 19 October 1944
    Flip is wounded and does not recognize Burma, who is flying him to a hospital in a seaplane. Meanwhile, on the river, Terry and Pat use a machine gun to fight off Japanese soldiers. The seaplane arrives just in time.
  • Returning to the USA
    Episode **, 8 May 1945
    We learn that Terry has never been to the United States! Terry and his friends plan to return to the United States to help make a movie about China.
  • Adventure of the Thirteen Keys
    Episode **, 24 September 1945
  • Room 301
    Episode **, 2 December 1946
  • Reporter Moss Bunker
    Episode **, 4 December 1946
  • Apprehending Cuthney
    Episode **, 11 December 1946
  • Cuthney Drops Dead
    Episode **, 13 December 1946
  • Search for Dr. Quil, Part 1
    Episode **, 20 December 1946
  • Search for Dr. Quil, Part 2
    Episode **, 23 December 1946
  • Special Christmas in Rhyme
    Episode **, 25 December 1946
  • Mechanical Eye
    Episode **, 17 February 1947
    Terry, Charlie, and Big Stoop drive to Tong Lake, 300 miles inland from Hong Kong, in search of an airplane said to be equipped with a stolen invention known as the mechanical eye. They find lodging in a strange lake-side hotel that smells of photographic developing chemicals. After tying up Trigger Goo's dog Boldo, Terry continues to look for the eye, which takes pictures of underground gold deposits.
  • Adventure Without A Name, Part 1
    Episode **, 29 April 1947
  • Adventure Without A Name, Part 2
    Episode **, 30 April 1947
  • Adventure of the Limestone Hedge
    Episode **, 29 May 1947
  • The Puzzle of the Thirteen Orphans
    Episode **, 30 May 1947
  • Up A Tree
    Episode **, 14 July 1947
  • Under a Pile of Hay
    Episode **, 1 August 1947
  • The Pirate Gold Detector Ring
    Episode **, 27 October 1947
    Khan believes Terry has the Pirate Gold Detector Ring, not philanthropist F. Crawford Turnbull. Meanwhile, Pat, Burma, and Hotshot Charlie read newspaper accounts of Terry and Connie's daring escape from jail. Their whereabouts is unknown. They are accused of murder. Burma leaves to meet with Turnbull, hoping to help Terry. Turnbull wants to leave China. Burma wants to see the pirate gold detector ring. They agree to talk further. Khan reports to Terry that Burma is meeting with Turnbull and threatens Terry with dire consequences if he does not produce the gold detector ring.
  • Dragon Lady Strikes Back, Part 1
    Episode **, 14 October 1947
    AKA "Deadly Current." The Dragon Lady arrives in the besieged village of Shon Ling and orders Ang to bring Hakim The Great Cobra pirate to her. She plans to have Hakim capture Pat and Terry. Pat, Terry, Connie, and Charlie attempt to reach the village on horses so they can help the villagers and rescue an American boy, Mark James. Crossing a dangerous river, Charlie falls in and is swept downstream toward a large waterfall. He is rescued by his friends. They find Hakim's hideout. Meanwhile, the Dragon Queen finds Hot Shot's knapsack, lost when he fell in the river, and deduces he, Pat, and Terry are near. She plans to capture them.
  • Dragon Lady Strikes Back, Part 2
    Episode **, 20 October 1947
  • Dragon Lady Strikes Back, Part 3
    Episode **, 24 October 1947
    AKA "The Tungsten Mine." Terry is in the pirate camp, trying to decide whether he can rescue Mark James before he gives the Dragon Lady the location of the secret tungsten mine. Pat has not returned from the village with help. What should Terry do? The Dragon Lady attempts to torture James, but he manages to overpower a pirate. The Dragon Lady orders the pirates back to the village where she promises to torture Mr. Odan, guardian of Mark James, in order to force James to tell the secret location of the mine. James leads the pirates toward the hills in order to protect the Odan's life. Terry, hiding in reeds at river's edge, is discovered by the pirates.
  • Dragon Lady Strikes Back, Part 4
    Episode **, 31 October 1947